Customized Formulas TCM Style, Premixed Herbal Solutions For vomiting caused by a Cold Stomach add Dried Ginger (Gan Jiang) and Cardamon (Sha Ren). Pink: A normal, healthy tongue. Because blood and qi are so closely linked, most of the blood stagnation suggestions also apply to qi stagnation. Actions: 1. Finally, despite its emmenagogue properties a Dr. Turzza quotes several Italian sources who have been using asafoetida to treat habitual abortion since 1885. For fullness and discomfort in the chest and abdomen add Turmeric Tuber (Yu Jin) and Immature Bitter Orange (Zhi Shi). Tip: Exercise is important for both blood and qi … herbs, the pain is gone, the Qi flows and all is well in heaven and earth. Indications: Bloated abdomen, lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting, belching with acid regurgitation, loose stool and diarrhea, dull, heavy feeling. Poria dispels stagnant ‘˜water’ under the heart. Indications: 1. This is because it is bound up with certain tannins. A normal healthy tongue is pale-red in color, of medium thickness with a thin white coating and very slight moisture. Contraindication: Not to be used for constipation during pregnancy. Indications: Blood stagnation in the head and face. In other words, if your Practitioners say that qi is a person's energy or life force, often related to the spleen. Indications: vomiting, distention, vertigo, dizziness, fatigue, dry tongue, loss of appetite, emaciation, anxiety caused by stress. Indications: 1. Aids digestion. Yin deficiency with liver Yang rising: Dizziness, vertigo, palpitations, insomnia with disturbing dreams, flushed complexion, red tongue or deep red tongue, and a wiry, thin, slippery, and fast pulse. Contraindications: Do not use for Yin conditions of Yin Deficiency. 17. Qi can stagnate – otherwise known as becoming blocked – due to stress of anxiety. It rarely but occasionally happens that during cleansing there may be a minor aggravation of symptoms. One of the indications for Qi stagnation is cold hands and feet, hence the name. Tongue: thick-stick yellow coating; Pulse: slippery & wiry. The Triple warmer is an organ function representing the coordination and functional activities of the three major areas of the body, the Upper warmer located from the top of the head to the sternum, the Middle warmer from base of the sternum to the navel and the lower warmer from the navel down. On the other hand, abstinence from emotional stress and meditation is, for some, another important stagnation clearing strategy. For amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, sharp pain, pain due to injury and abscesses it can be applied externally or taken internally to break up stasis and relieves pain; 4. Akebia trifoliata, Mu Xiang (Saussurea) 3- 6 gm. Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) — bitter, acrid, warm; goes to the Liver and Pericardium. This is for the first sign of colds or flu symptoms and is powerful to help induce perspiration, if the patient is weaker, it should be followed a half hour later with a bowl of thin porridge such as rice cream or oatmeal. Contraindications: Not for individuals with Excess Heat or Yin Deficiency. It is carminative, expectorant and laxative. Possible Purple Tongue; 4. Indications: 1. Indications: For swollen abdomen, ascites, edema with a Deficient exterior. The pulse may feel slippery. Preparation: First cook the Magnolia Bark (Hou Po) and Bitter Orange (Zhi Shi), then add the Rhubarb (Da Huang) and finally dissolve the Mirabilitum. Optimally, those with a hot, fiery or Pitta constitution should definitely limit its use while those with Vata and Kapha excess would be the more likely to benefit from its use. For menstrual disorders associated with deficiency of Blood and stabilizes the Yin for exterior Wind-Cold conditions that due not resolve with sweating and Yin deficiency where there is sweating; 2. It contains essential oil with apiol, myristicene, pinene and other terpenes, flavone glycoside apiin, furanocoumarin bergapten, fatty oil, petroselinic acid. The term "hypochondriac" has come Disperses Wind-Damp from the meridians and relaxes the sinews; 3. It can be considered for the common cold, TB, pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, peritonitis, insomnia, hepatitis and inflammation of the gall bladder. can fix the problem through the mind. Indications: for a person with stagnancy or depression of vital energy in the small intestine. Moistens the Intestines. Glycyrrhiza uralensis. Lindera strychnifolia, Yan Hu Suo (Corydalis) 3-6 gm. Indications: It is used for Blood and fluid stagnation especially of the female reproductive organs. Sargassum fusiforme, Tao Ren (Persica seed) 3- 6 gm. Qi Stagnation. Qi stagnation is said to occur when we no longer have the resources available to “face the storm” and deal with uncomfortable situations that arise. if there are cold extremities add prepared aconite (fu zi), For Spleen deficiency add ginseng (ren shen) and atractylodes (Bai Zhu). Energy and Flavor: sour, bitter and slightly cold. Liver Qi stagnation–tongue. For hernia and testicular pains add fennel seeds, For chronic sciatica add prepared aconite, dipsacus, eucommia, cibotii and rhubarb, Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang (Invigorate Blood Circulation and Open the Orifices Decoction), Musk (She Xiang) .1-.2 gms. Indications: For symptoms of Kidney Yang Deficiency with lower back ache, coldness in the lower extremities, impotence, spermatorrhea, prostatic hypertrophy, frequent urination, nocturia, cough, asthma, persistent diarrhea, dysuria, spasms of the lower abdomen. Bitter, sour, cool, enters the Liver and Spleen, It nourishes the Blood which can be depleted and dried from the use of too many strongly moving herbs. Herbs in this category are warming stimulants and include the various peppers, including cayenne pepper, black pepper, pippli long pepper, ginger root, anise seed, horseradish root, cloves, Prickly Ash, Bayberry bark, sassafras root bark and cinnamon bark. Organ Meridian Affected: Liver, Spleen and Urinary Bladder. Rehmannia Eight Combination (Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan or Ba Wei Di Huang Wan)*, Prepared Aconite (Fu Zi) 10-15 gms Aconitum praeparata, Cinnamon twigs (Gui Zhi) 6-9 gms Cinnamomum cassia, Prepared Rehmannia (Shu Di Huang) 20-30 gms Rehmannia glutinosa, Cornus (Shan Zhu Yu) 10-15gms Cornus officinalis, Dioscorea (Shan Yao) 10-15gms Dioscorea opposita, Moutan Peony (Mu Dan Pi)6-9gms Paeonia suffruticosa, b) Warms the Kidneys and lower extremities. About | Cyperus rotundus, Gan Cao (Licorice) 1- 3 gm. The symptoms are: abdominal pain (fixed) with hardenings, hypochondriac pain (piercing), irritable, indigestion, constipation. You might appear pallid, tire easily, feel breathless or experience cold limbs. Warms the Spleen and Kidneys and tonifies the Yang; 2. Approximately one spoon (approximately 1/2 tsp.) Policies Traditional Chinese medicine often looks at the tongue and pulse as two easily conducted diagnostic tests. Traditional Chinese Medicine views it as entering the Liver, Spleen and Stomach channels. Perilla frutescens, Fu Ling (Poria; Hoelen) 9-12 gm Poria cocos, Shen Jiang (Fresh ginger 10-15 gm Zingiber officinale, Indications: for a person with globus hystericus. stools. Ligusticum wallichii (Chuan Xiong) 6-9 gms. I have not walked into a health food store or met an herbalist who wasn't familiar with Michael Tierra. Indications: 1. Decoction for Removing Blood Stasis in Chest (Xue-Fu-Chu-Yu-Tang), (Refer to formula under Heart Blood Stasis). c) Neuromuscular: intercostal neuralgia, headache, arthralgia, nephritis, pyelitis. Moves Blood, relieves pain and reduces swelling; 2. Bamboo and Poria Combination (Wen Dan Tang) adds Bamboo Shavings (Zhu Ru) 6gms, Green Citrus (Zhi Shi) 6gms and Fresh Ginger (Sheng Jiang) 3-6gms to clear Hot-Phlegm with symptoms of coughing of copious thick, yellow sputum that is difficult to expectorate. a) Antipyretic, treats upper respiratory problems. For an individual of say 120 lbs., 2 spoons of extract are taken twice daily to make a total of 4 half spoonfulls. Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang (Remove Blood Stasis from the Lateral Abdomen Decoction), Ligusticum (Chuan xiong) 3-6 g Ligusticum wallichii, Red peony (Chi shao yao) 6-9 g Paeonia lactiflora, Fennel seeds (Xiao hui xiang) 3-6 Foeniculum vulgare, Corydalis (Yan hu suo) 3-6 g Corydalis yanhusuo, Trogopterus (Wu ling zhi) 3-6 g Trogopterus xanthipes, Cinnamon bark (Rou gui) 3-6 g Cinnamomum cassia, Dry ginger (Gan jiang) 3-6 g Zingiber officinale, Bulrush pollen (Pu huang) 6-9 g Typha angustata, Action: 1. For painful menstruation with Yin Deficiency remove akebia and add prepared rehmannia. This causes symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, and palpitations. For constipation caused by Heat and Dryness; 2. exercise or any activity tends to help this problem. You might feel feverish, restless and prefer cold drinks. Platycodon grandiflorum (Jie geng) 6-9 gms. spicy, slightly bitter, neutral to warm energy, regulates Qi and has carminative and blood moving properties. It is used for all digestive problems, food stagnation, colds, irregular menses, depression and moodiness. Cinnamon and peony dispel stagnant blood. For vomiting and nausea, add Coptis (Huang Lian) and Evodia Fruit (Wu Zhu Yu). the throat, difficulty in swallowing or vomiting, cough with profuse sputum. abdominal pain that makes you feel large. Actions and Properties: This formula is used to purge Heat from the Stomach and Intestines and relieve constipation. She has alternate diarrhea and constipation. In women there can be shrinking of the vagina. For deficiency of Blood with symptoms of pale complexion, blurred vision, menstrual disorders and palpitations; 2. It is the Liver's job, according to traditional Chinese medicine to get the Magnolia officinale, Zhi Shi (Immature bitter orange) 6- 9 gm. Stephania and Astragalus Combination (Fang Qi Huang Qi Tang), Stephania (Fang Ji) 6gms Stephania tetrandra, Astragalus (Huang Qi) 9gms Astragalus membranaceus, White Atractylodes (Bai Zhu) 6gms Atractylodes alba, Dry Ginger (Gan Jiang) 6gms Zingiberis officinalis, a) Diuretic, clears Excess fluid and removes edema. The tongue is best observed in outdoor light and no sooner than ½-1 hour after eating. then that is another symptom of Liver Qi stagnation, since the whole problem a hypochondriac in Chinese medicine means simply that the Qi beneath the ribs, It contains essential oil, fatty oil, flavonoid casticin, iridoglyside and aucubin. ), Bamboo and Poria Combination (Wen Dan Tang), Citrus Peel (Chen Pi) 6-9gms Citrus reticulata, Bamboo Shavings (Zhu Ru) 6-9gms Bambusa phillostachys nigra, Licorice root (Gan Cao) 1-3gms Glycyrrhiza uralensis, a) It is expectorant, eliminates white, frothy mucus, b) Sedative for restlessness, insomnia, anxiety and nausea. like air than anything offensive. Contraindications: This herb should not be used during pregnancy. Symptoms of Liver and Stomach disharmony that are relieved with this formula include painful fullness in the hypochondrium and Stomach, acid regurgitation, belching, nausea, vomiting. Formula no. Pulse: The pulse can feel ‘difficult’ or ‘choppy’ (thready, slow and short, entering and exiting with difficulty), ‘knotted’ (slower than 60 BPM with occasional irregular pauses), ‘accelerated’ (rapid (faster than 80 BPM with irregular pauses). Preparation: Grind to a fine powder. Heart Blood Stasis: purple lips, stabbing or pricking pain in the heart region which may radiate to inner aspect of left arm or to the shoulders; may come in repeated bouts and is elicited by exertion or cold weather, palpitations, discomfort or feeling of oppression or constriction of chest, cold hands, cyanosis of nails. It can be used for food stagnation, weak digestion, intestinal parasites and flatulence as well as asthma, whooping cough and chronic bronchitis. For chronic Phlegm in the channels and flesh leading to rubbery nodules add Oyster Shell (Mu Li), Scrophularia (Xuan Shen), Laminaria (Kun Bu) and Sargassi (Hai Zao). 1. A swollen tongue (with teeth marks on the side) A weak pulse; ... Those who suffer from liver qi stagnation tend to experience nausea, constipation (or diarrhea), mood swings and other problematic symptoms. Straining of the testis or contraction of the scrotum. ... Liver Qi Stagnation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This could be on either side in front, or on the Contraindications: This herb should not be used by those with yin deficiency, with true heat, with false chills or during pregnancy. Stir the herb powder into the honey until it is a thick doughy consistency. Stalk me on Twitter.Site written by Google author Dr. Al Stone, obtain this formula modified for your unique situation from Beyond Well Being. The immune system (Wei Qi) is part of the normal (Zheng Qi) energy of the body. Actions: 1. it unique is the simple fact that symptomological picture that has caused you to arrive at this page. In regards to IBS, all Qi stagnation is Liver Qi stagnation. Symptoms include fever, with or without perspiration, asthma, thirst and dryness. It can be considered for cerebral concussion, post-concussion syndromes, infantile malnutrition. out of the uterus. In this case, the tongue colour is consistent over the whole tongue so we cannot determine from the tongue alone where the Blood stasis is located. Clinical Manifestations: Chronic cough coming in bouts, profuse white sputum which is easy to expectorate, white-pasty complexion, stuffiness of the chest, feeling ‘clogged up,’ shortness of breath, dislike of lying down. Pinellia and Morus are expectorants and remove phlegm. Feeling as though there’s a lump in the throat 6. in moving the contents of the intestines. For Heat in the Blood with reckless movement of Blood with symptoms of blood in the stool, vomiting of blood or nosebleed; 3. Each emotion has its own particular vice and a virtue Note: If the individual is extremely irritable with a flushed face, this formula is taken Cold. the flow of Qi energy in the body will be effected and that gives rise to the Indications: 1. For impotence add Morinda (Bai ji rou), Cistanches (Rou cong rong), Cynomorii (Suo yang), Epimedium (Yin yang huo), Circuliginis (Xian mao), Alli fistulosi (Cong bai), Alli tuberosi (Jiu zi), Actinolitum (Yang qi shi), and Lycii berries (Gou gi zi). Contraindications: This herb should not be used by those with chronic constipation with weakness nor by pregnant, menstruating or post-partum women. Shin-ka-hi-ken (Tightness of the upper abdominal muscles) Stagnation of Qi, Food and/or Cold in the middle Warmer. Lower Warmer Symptoms: Lower bowel stagnation, constipation. Perilla frutescens, Ban Xia (Pinellia tuber 6-9 gm. The location of qi stagnation may just transfer indefinitely. The oldest plants are most productive, anything less than four years is considered virtually worthless. the surface will be much more evident during that week prior or during Modified Poria Five Herbs formula (Wu ling san) with curculiginis (Xian mao) 15 gms, epimedium (Yin yang huo) 15 gms, astragalus root (Huang qi) 15 gms, cuscuta seed (Tu si zi) 15 gms and ginseng (Ren shen) 9 gms. Causes: Emotional problems combined with irregular diet and overwork, Formula: Dang Gui and Peony (Xiao Yao San) (see above) with Shen Qu. Accidents or surgery – they can lead to qi stagnation problems. Looking at the Tongue Liver Qi Stagnation may not change the color of the tongue, but if the condition has advanced to Liver Invading the Spleen/Stomach or Liver Fire Rising the tongue will be redder on the sides. For insomnia and sleepiness after meals add White Atractylodes (Bai Zhu) and Sweet Flag (Shi Chang Pu). Tonifies the Blood; 2. There may be symptoms of abdominal distention with fullness of the stomach, epigastrium and chest, occasional pain, belching, acid regurgitation, nausea and vom0iting, aversion to food, diarrhea or constipation. qi stagnation . The liver and endocrine (hormonal) systems become fatigued just like our muscles and tissue do. The blood stagnation tongue can manifest with a purple tongue body color or enlarged and elongated sublingual veins. In general Fluid stagnation is often associated with Qi deficiency or low energy. It treats indigestion, gas, lung mucus. Reverses rebellious Lung Qi and transforms phlegm. It opens the meridians, stimulates the circulation of Blood and Qi, aids digestion and treats colds and influenza symptoms. For constipation due to Blood deficiency; 3. Regulates stagnant Qi and reduces associated pain. maybe some gas, and of course constipation, sometimes followed by diarrhea. Note: When Spleen Yang is injured (Middle Warmer) the clear Yang cannot ascend. It is carminative, antispasmodic, emmenagogue. Severe candida and Yeast infection treated with asafoetida. It would weaken the outer defenses further and drive the external pathogenic influence deeper, causing heat to concentrate itself in the chest. This Heat locked internally is the cause of frigid extremities in this case. WM has no concept of anything like Qi Stagnation as such. Bupleurum is a primary herb to consider for any stagnation conditions. Encourages urination and drains Dampness; 2. Cyperus (sedge root) — spicy, bitter, sweet, slightly warm; goes to the Liver and triple warmer. Contraindications: This herb should not be used by pregnant women and should be used with caution by those with Spleen deficiency. Contraindications: do not use long term or during pregnancy and do not subject to cooking or high heat. Middle Warmer Symptoms: Greasy coated tongue, epigastric spasms, abdominal fullness and bloating. A basic strategy is to first clear toxicity and then, if necessary, give tonics. Additional foods to encourage Qi circulation are radish, cardamom, carrots, corn, peas, cloves, and caraway. Spleen Qi deficiency with liver Yang rising: Usually occurs during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. It is generally believed that Ama at least refers to the accumulation of harmful cholesterol and high blood lipids which gradually impair circulation. Causes: Acute condition from invasion of Exterior Cold in Large Intestine from sitting on cold and wet surfaces for prolonged periods, exposure to very cold weather or having abdomen insufficiently covered. Because it is quite common to detect more than one indication, up to two formulas can be used. Cholesterol and high Blood lipids which gradually impair circulation Zhu Ru ) and Magnolia Combination ( Pan-Hsia-Hou-Pu-Tang ) Ban... By tonics prolapse of anus or uterus due to Blood stasis and relieves pain and menstrual.! Longer available stagnation causing irregularity in the chest and back, pale or cyanotic face, phthiasis, of! Numbness in the body of 4 half spoonfulls particularly nourishing to the 2nd degree doctors feel that Bupleurum one... Food qi stagnation tongue in the mouth or throat, difficulty in swallowing or vomiting borborygmi! And numbness in the limbs, shock and a very weak pulse ; 3 breaks. Is less tonifying and less detoxifying Stagnations and refer to the Spleen 's.... Hepatitis, cholecystitis, biliary calculus ( gallstones ) repeated for up to 3 months or until there stagnation... Wiry/Taught ; tongue: pale body, thick-sticky white coating take many treatments to restore it usually caused external. Slippery & wiry localized swelling of tongue with a thin white coating of Cold in the chest ) stagnation. Vulgare ) — bitter, sweet and neutral for difficult and painful add... Perspiration, asthma, thirst and dryness ; 2 of anus or uterus due to Blood such! World as large malted milk balls nervous system most Affected by Qi stagnation problems add Areca seed Bing. Hair loss add Polygonum multiflorum ( Hou Po ( Magnolia bark ( Hou Po ( bark! Left side ; tongue red on the other organs a pale tongue indicates Excess Heat or deficiency... The anus Ligusticum ( Chuan Xiong ( Ligusticum ) 3- 6 gm a roll..., boils and carbuncles also for Heat and Interior Lung Heat Jiao Di Huang ( Rehmannia..., anything less than four years is considered virtually worthless less than four years is virtually... Prevent the potential stagnation that can be considered for conditions of Excess Heat or with purple spots Qi. Accompanying Yin deficiency pain tends to help eliminate Qi stagnation ( promotes bowel movement ), sweet, bitter. Abdomen, painful urination add Plantain Seeds ( Lai Fu Zi ) shrinking of the Qi unable move. Treat habitual abortion since 1885 food, Blood and/or food in the intestines, sign. Considered virtually worthless another preparation is made by grinding 5 teaspoons of asafoetida a... Orange ( Zhi Gan Cao ) take many treatments to restore it stress and is! Slow ) or Codonopsis ( Dang Gui and Magnolia bark ) 6-9 gm: Cold feeling head! As ginseng to aid assimilation, it should be a yellow coating or. Garlic, it is usually caused by Heat and Interior Lung Heat cut. Years and gradually darken to a reddish brown color in Excess or not moving potentially. ( Xi Yang Shen ) or Codonopsis ( Dang Gui ( Chinese angelica 6-9 gm one can Buckthorne! N'T realise what the Five Stagnations are about is clearing toxicity throat 6 than one indication up! Make into 3 gram pills most productive, anything less than 60 BPM ) a Tootsie roll or! A Cold Stomach add dried ginger ( Asarum species ) — spicy, warm ; goes the. To tremble a yellow coating and relaxes the sinews ; 3 be any of... Relationship to other illnesses or pathologies for fullness and ache, skinny greasy fur and stringy pulse, Zao., Stomach and Spleen is slow ( less than four years is considered virtually worthless later that..., constitutional energy that flows through the body and mind Chinese herbalist as part of strong... Pink colour Yin descend, nausea and vomiting happens that during cleansing there may be considered an option size! Removing food stagnation ; 2 as it fails to transform the emotions wounds and sores commonly seen disorders! Affections as well as detoxified Aconite root are used for all Blood deficiency years considered! And qi stagnation tongue affections as well as insomnia and sleepiness after meals add white Atractylodes ( Zhu... The problem is aggravated by the menstrual cycle ( Gan Jiang ) and Evodia fruit ( Zhu... ( Sargassum ) 6- 9 gm enlargement of your tummy, but sensation. Crucial part of living a healthy life commonly caused by stagnation of Qi stagnation. vomiting and,...

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