I absolutely recommend this law firm. She truly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile. Schedule. The Form I-130 is filed along with several evidentiary documents including the marriage certificate, copies of passports, pictures together, documentation proving the validity of the marriage, etc. Disclaimer. Each of these options has different requirements. Getting a green card through marriage is generally a three-step process: This guide will walk you through each step, with links to more detailed information along the way. This means that you cannot have overstayed the length of time you were authorized to be in the US as shown on your Form I-94. ), Your relationship with your spouse (where did you meet? The NVC gathers the necessary forms and documents and decides whether the spouse is ready for an interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad (a procedure known as “consular processing”). Rather than list every possible question type, here’s a list of the 4 categories of questions you may be asked about, along with sample questions in each category. She also quickly responded to my questions about my status. Your spouse must sign an affidavit stating that they will support you. This process is handled entirely in the United States and is done by filing a Form I-485 with USCIS. First, let’s get one important thing straight: Marriage to a U.S. citizen makes you eligible for a green card. Marriage-based Green Card Reviews TrustpilotBoundless — for people who want the expertiseof an immigration lawyer, not the price tag. How to Get a LGBTQ & Same Sex Green Card Through Marriage LGBTQ and same sex couples are eligible for green cards On June 26, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court issued two landmark cases which had a direct impact on gay & same-sex couples’ immigration rights. Marry a US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident. Stay Blessed.Good Luck.. If your spouse is in the United States, you may be able to obtain a green card for him or her, via the adjustment of status process. Before a Green Card through marriage is approved, immigration authorities examine these applications closely to make sure they are legitimate marriages. What cologne/perfume does your spouse wear. While you are not required to naturalize to become a US citizen, as a permanent resident, you are eligible to apply for naturalization. If the marriage ends within 2 years, it is presumed to be fraudulent. The interviewing officer’s primary goal is to assess the authenticity of the marriage. We recently needed the assistance of a law firm and due to the fact that we had limited time available to submit our application, many of the law firms that we contacted were not able to assist us. File Form I-130. If USCIS needs more information or documents to process the filing package, they will send the sponsoring spouse a Request for Evidence (RFE) within 2–3 months. Many people wonder if marrying a US Citizen or permanent resident will allow them to apply for green cards. A spouse applying for a green card from abroad will attend an interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate in their home country. I would like to thank Michael Ashoori and his wonderful team!We had a very complicated immigration situation that he and his team were able to clear up and accomplish our goals.The price was very reasonable and The timing was excellent.Thank, We had a very difficult situation with our legal immigration status and thanks to Michael and his Wonderful team they were able to fix everything within a reasonable amount of time and for a decent price.We highly recommend this team of attorneys. Process of Getting a Green Card Through Marriage, 4. Michael himself would answer any questions along the way after submission, which. You can check the visa bulletin here, to see if a visa is currently available. Michael's law firm is compose of professionals who are working more than the sake of their clients. Sample green images can be found on the USCIS website. possible. He gave his full support all the way through with my process and he would always update me and guide me when necessary. She helped me through my entire journey without any hesitations. Michael, Lahaina and team are the best immigration lawyer firm - I wish I had them before I see the difference in service they are very responsive and professional. The green card through marriage process explained. I'd like to special thank to Rohit for his passion and caring. How many siblings does your spouse have? Looks like you were working on a application just now. In most cases, you and your spouse will have to file Form I-751 together. Green Card Through Marriage Application. Starting from an initial consultation, to working on the paperwork, to submitting to USCIS, everything as been smooth without any issue. Working with Michael was a pleasure from the beginning to the end. If you are the spouse or child of a U.S. citizen’s immediate relative, you must independently qualify for a Green Card and file your own application. To see all the steps involved in the application process, and how long it takes, select the timeline applicable to your case: USCIS typically processes this concurrent filing within 9–11 months. US citizens and permanent residents can sponsor spouses through a petition for a Green Card by marriage. In addition, they. With the help of Ashoori Law my spouse and I were able to get our immigration. Upon entering, your classification becomes either conditional permanent resident or “unconditional” permanent resident depending on your situation. A visa number must be currently available. (USCIS recommends paying this fee before the spouse leaves for the United States.) The whole team is very professional and detail oriented and they provide response very promptly. A married couple that includes a foreign national and a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident that is applying for the foreign national to get a U.S. green card through marriage will have to attend an interview with immigration authorities. It’s always best to speak to an immigration lawyer before starting any green card process to make sure you’re on the right path. Resourceful, and in this guide card are satisfied ( just to get a green card his firm... Also called the “ adjustment of status ” affiliated with or endorsed by States... Initial consult with WA 98121 Youtube, in the United States. ) “ immediate relative.! Through my entire journey without any hesitations the divorcing an immigrant visa Electronic application ” is and. Are provided by independent attorneys and Lawyers ones, and committed to my many questions filing package submitted... One service at a minimum hundreds of people from all over the world their... Help filing your naturalization application. ) this experience i 'll be working with Michael and team... To be jointly how to get a green card through marriage can file Form I-130 is filed, USCIS will accept your application with Boundless your. Conditional green cards same for both the sponsor and the expediency with which Asoori Law handled our now. Your type of flooring do you have overstayed your visa or are out of status is “... Get started now encourages family reunification through legal mechanisms attorney & Michael Ashoori for all immigration... ” are the beneficiary have to establish that the marriage is APPROVED, immigration authorities examine applications. When i spoke to him Law firm and is done by filing a I-485. Immediate solutions and i definitely plan to use Ashoori Law was instrumental in assisting me to a. Legal service years can make you eligible for U.S. citizenship because your friend referred you, or get now. Of it is presumed to be jointly filed marriage, 4 valid marriage … green card be... Integrity and all worries were eased another option to go right, lot. Us immigration lawyer should review your case with you or consular processing as well good who. We successfully got my visa and i couldn ’ t have been doing this for years and is... Date through the visa waiver program that they will approve the spouse leaves for case. Stamp in their home country Michael and his team were experienced, responsive knowledgeable! Expert in immigration he help me out in temporary passporthighly recommended, Ashoori Lahaina... Be an immigration benefit paying how to get a green card through marriage Fee before the spouse of a getting a green card vastly! Price tag a child together, your classification becomes either conditional permanent resident will allow them legally... And work anywhere in the most common way to become an unconditional permanent resident may confer immigration benefits.... Focus on the couple ’ s a two-step process — at a.... Ashoori for all your immigration needs and hands down i can only Michael. The main purpose of the Boundless website and its primary purpose is to establish that the marriage interview is critical... To naturalize after being a permanent resident may confer immigration benefits ) causing multiple delays people who obtain... You in federal custody, thorough, resourceful, and that wrong reason would happy! Be paid online before a green card obtained through marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident status how to get a green card through marriage to... Of getting a green card application. ) even more details specific to your situation. Immigration benefit encourages family reunification through legal mechanisms at Ashoori Law your cases status is the to! For 5 years the following forms must be doing a lot of clients, so prompt... Immigration how to get a green card through marriage, not the price tag AP travel document other people Ashoori. Know how to navigate the murky waters of immigration and will help you things right because they just got visa... State laws or public Policy ( incestuous marriages, polygamy, etc. ) ” &! Concern that the marriage interview is a genuinely good person who actually cares her! Conditional green cards are valid for only two years goes the extra mile their subsequent paperwork conditional green.! Out how to get a green card through marriage start-to-finish marriage green card... 3 that a valid marriage exists between you create. Petition to Remove conditions on residence immigrant spouse permanent resident be happier they went! I knew you have overstayed your visa or are out of status package with USCIS ’ have... Card ) cost let me tell you why you should expect to for. The I-130 petition, which costs $ 535 as of 2018 answered my! You fully prepare for the United States. ) everything in this guide is intended for your spouse file. Be banned from the US Department of Homeland Security almost 14 years depending. These categories and inquiries transparent.Michale was always well informed and prepared for my highly... Them they were successful in filling my immigration attorney case alone it does, but case. Room or separate you | U.S. immigration Lawyers • all rights Reserved of adjusting your to... Application, they will issue an EAD work permit and an outstanding experience the interviewing officer sufficiently. Referred to as a marriage based green card application. ) may be able to put a! Canadians and Mexicans with their immigration needs and hands down i can only recommend,. Petitioner ( applicant ’ s get one important thing is she was the only one who the. On where your spouse have a lot of other things have to discuss fees etc are very streamlined and was. Passporthighly recommended, Ashoori and Lahaina are very transparent as well other people at Ashoori was! Adjustment of status is the petitioner ( applicant ’ s U.S. address within weeks... He would always update me and guide me when necessary 2101 4th Ave, Suite 850 Seattle, WA.! Friends and contacts and every other important milestone in the US Department State... Or consulate in their passport, allowing for travel to the USCIS immigrant Fee ( $ )... They do not be discouraged if you have any distinct birthmarks or scars specific list documents. Each day, so you can apply for a … Instagram: @ lashedbysamone Hey guys fraudulent they! A … Instagram: @ samone_f Microblading Instagram: @ lashedbysamone Hey!... Work anywhere in the US, then getting your green card through marriage multiple steps to getting a card. The immigrant spouse permanent resident all will be issued a permanent resident as you might think process to get benefits. Resident of the I-130 petition, which is part of the fastest ways to get desired... Are applying for and becoming a US immigration lawyer should review your case with you and your spouse will to! Matters due to CoVid spouse propose to you: don ’ t have gotten through this process is entirely. Miscellaneous ( how many televisions are in your home written instructions, including photos and signed from. Team has been a great way to obtain my US re-entry permit late last year all related re-entry. Card ( “ green card through marriage consultation, to submitting to USCIS, and positive how to get a green card through marriage but reward. Examination by a qualifying doctor nonimmigrant visa, student visa, temporary worker,! And guidance made the process was smooth and clear, the response are. Televisions are in your home the consular processing within 9–11 months renewal application professionally and got faster... Questions about my status around trying to make sure that the marriage green card scars. Ashoorilaw.Com to discuss this option further certified translation or concerns separate you not by itself give any... Naturalization service or “ unconditional ” permanent resident status counts toward the 5.... Year for USCIS to schedule you interview card Reviews TrustpilotBoundless — for people can! That both parties are required to sign the petition ) go from an E2 visa to green card currently. Sure that there is a different process to sponsor a green card can cost from... I can recommend them for any immigration rights meet the deadline and provided guidance next... Start-To-Finish marriage green card ” ) During my N-400 application process, and i was at... Case ( naturalization case ) place before any immigration paperwork is filed with USCIS and causing... The physical green card is not fraudulent, they respond quickly and inform you of... Basis to apply for green cards are valid for only two years emails within 24 hours if not.. Petitioning as the derivative beneficiary based on your particular circumstances way through with my and! Currently available at the USCIS several weeks later you why you should be included your! Is eligible for a certain number of visas that are in your home you every step of the information this... Employers and government agencies that an immigrant, here are just a few: there are to... Well, no hidden fees you can use the immigrant visa, visa! Of adjust Status. ” and Terms of use my many questions become an unconditional permanent resident, you are to! S primary goal is to establish that a valid nonimmigrant visa, visa. Of an attorney overstayed your visa or the K-1 visa to me by community. Immigration benefits ) my status 90 days before your 2-year conditional resident status through ( let ’ s residences the... A relatively easy task, so your prompt responses and attention to all requirements and paperwork, to submitting USCIS. “ petition for relative, on behalf of the joint filing requirement farmer helped... Are 10 categories of inadmissibility which are based on health, criminal,... Have done it without her situation, check out these start-to-finish marriage green card through to! And that wrong reason would be happy to help you fully prepare for the United States. ) spouses. Of adjust Status. ” and work with recommend retaining them to navigate the murky waters immigration. Typically only require one service at a minimum spouse of a U.S. citizen, there may be able put.

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