2500 hotel beds and 3000 beds in a guest house [47][35] Kasbah Dar Debibagh is one of the newest kasbahs, built in 1729 during the Alaouite era at 2 km from the city wall in a strategic position. There are numerous historic mosques in the medina, some of which are part of a madrasa or zawiya. These were commercial structures which provided lodging for merchants and travelers or housed the workshops of artisans. [86] The layout of the traditional hammam in the region was inherited from the Roman bathhouse model. Meknès (en amazigh : ⴰⵎⴽⵏⴰⵙ Ameknas ; en arabe : مكناس Mknas) est une ville du nord du Maroc fondée en 711 par la tribu amazighe des Meknassas, qui lui a donné son nom. It has a population of 4,236,892 (2014 census). The city has been called the "Mecca of the West" and the "Athens of Africa," a nickname it shares with Cyrene in Libya. [86] The warm and hot rooms were heated using a traditional hypocaust system just as Roman bathhouses did, with furnaces usually located behind the hot room. Située au centre nord du Maroc, elle a été instituée conformément au décret n°2.15.10 du 20 Février 2015, fixant le nombre des régions, leurs noms, leurs chefs-lieux et les préfectures et provinces qui les composent, publié au Bulletin Officiel n° 6340 du 05 Mars 2015. [47]:296[35]:100 Today it is the oldest garden of Fes. [35][47] The crafts industry continues to this day and is still focused in the old city. Fes el-Bali is the site of the famous Qarawiyyin University and the Mausoleum of Moulay Idris II, the most important religious and cultural sites, while Fez el-Jdid is the site of the enormous Royal Palace, still used by the King of Morocco today. [6], Fez or Fas was derived from the Arabic word فأس Faʾs which means pickaxe, which legends say Idris I of Morocco used when he created the lines of the city. [81] Many bourgeois and aristocratic mansions were also accompanied by private gardens, especially in the southwestern part of Fes el-Bali, an area once known as al-'Uyun. Boasting a dynamic and diversified economy, the Fez-Meknes region contributed 9.4% to Morocco’s national GDP in 2018, fourth by economic output. [35] The oldest sections of the walls today thus date back to this time. Fès-Meknès in one of the twelve regions of Morocco, whose capital is the remarkable city of Fes. [5] It has the University of Al Quaraouiyine which was founded in 859 and is considered by some to be the oldest continuously functioning institute of higher education in the world. 56 likes. This architecture is characterised by construction techniques and decoration developed over a period of more than ten centuries, and where local knowledge and skills are interwoven with diverse outside inspiration (Andalusian, Middle Eastern and African). [89][86][87] They were generally built next to a well or natural spring which provided water, while the sloping topography of the city allowed for easy drainage. [47] Larger and richer mansions, such as the Dar Mnebhi, Dar Moqri, and Palais Jamaï (Jamai Palace), have also been preserved. Walking Tours in Meknes-Tafilalet Region; ... Fez to Meknes,Moulay Idriss & Volubilis (Private Day Trip) $223.97 per adult. Abd al-Malik himself also died during the battle and would be succeeded by Ahmad al-Mansur. [91][47] The lavish former mansion of the Glaoui clan, known as the Dar Glaoui, is partly open to visitors but still privately owned. Fez reached its golden age in the Marinid period, which marked the beginning of its official, historical narrative. Aziza Chaouni: Hybrid Urban Sutures: Filling in the Gaps in the Medina of Fez." [1] Its capital is Fez. [71][72] The Saadis also built a number of strong bastions in the late 16th century to assert their control over Fes, including notably the Borj Nord which is among the largest strictly military structures in the city and now refurbished as a military museum. On Tuesday, the Fez-Meknes region and the airline Air Arabia Maroc, one of the leaders in low cost air travel, signed a partnership agreement for better air connectivity of the region both nationally and internationally. These Almohad walls exist to this day as the outline of Fes el Bali. [47] Numerous palaces and riads are now utilized as hotels for the tourism industry. Weather, 2009, webpages: Cities of the Middle-East and North-Africa A historical enceclopedia. [103] Its main focus is its engineering school,[104] though it also offers diplomas in architecture, business, and law. In 1276 the Marinid sultan Abu Yusuf Yaqub also founded the royal administrative district of Fes el-Jdid, where the royal palace is still located today, to which extensive gardens were later added. Fès Prefecture (Fez Prefecture), Fès-Meknès Region, Morocco : These two historic cities are linked together and are usually referred to together as the "medina" of Fez, though this term is sometimes applied more restrictively to Fes el-Bali only. The Encyclopedia of World History", "Sufi Revival and Islamic Literacy: Tijaniyya Writings in Twentieth-Century Nigeria", "Morocco Compact - Millennium Challenge Corporation", "Weather history for Fez, Figuig, Morocco : Fez average weather by month", "Climatological Information for Fez, Morocco", "The normals data and climate variable descriptions are presented in these tables as provided by the WMO Member country", "Recensement général de la population et de l'habitat de 2004", "La corporation des tanneurs et l'industrie de la tannerie à Fès", "Business in Fez, Othman Benjelloun (Morocco)", "Pilgrimage, Spiritual Tourism and the Shaping of Transnational 'Imagined Communities': the Case of the Tidjani Ziyara to Fez", "Oldest higher-learning institution, oldest university", "Jnane Sbile or Bab Bou Jeloud garden in Fez", "Fès: Les fondouks de la médina restaurés et labellisés", "The Architecture of the Hammams of Fez, Morocco", "Histoire du Maroc : Palais Jamai, Patrimoine universel. With a strong cultural heritage, it features traditions and historical landmarks that amaze its visitors. Throughout the history, 13 kasbahs were constructed surrounding the old city. During this period, the two formerly divided cities known as Madinat Fas and al-'Aliya were united under a single enclosure. [35]:318 They also frequently served as venues for other commercial activities such as markets and auctions. After the death of Abdallah al-Ghalib a new power struggle would emerge, after Abd al-Malik would take Fez with Ottoman support and oust his nephew Abu Abdullah. One type of house known, centered around an internal courtyard, is known as a riad. Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of twin towns and sister cities in Morocco, "Medina of Fez – UNESCO World Heritage Centre", "Note de présentation des premiers résultats du Recensement Général de la Population et de l'Habitat 2014", "An architectural Investigation of Marinid and Watasid Fes", Roudh el-Kartas: Histoire des souverains du Maghreb, http://www.al-hakawati.net/english/Cities/fez.asp, "3. The region of Fez and Meknes has some of the best terroirs in Morocco for the production of quality olive oil. [50], The historic city of Fez consists of Fes el-Bali, the original city founded by the Idrisid dynasty on both shores of the Oued Fes (River of Fez) in the late 8th and early 9th centuries, and the smaller Fez el-Jdid, founded on higher ground to the west in the 13th century. [86], Many old private residences have also survived to this day, in various states of conservation. Almoravid impact on the city's structure was such that the second Almoravid ruler, Yusuf ibn Tashfin, is often considered to be the second founder of Fez. Hence, Morocco remained the only North-African state to deter and defeat the Ottomans.[28]. The order spread quickly among the literary elite of North West Africa, and its ulama, or theologians, had significant religious, intellectual, and political influence in Fes and beyond. Fez-Meknes (Arabic: فاس-مكناس ‎, romanized: fās maknās; Berber languages: ⴼⴰⵙ-ⵎⴽⵏⴰⵙ, romanized: fas mknas) is among the twelve Regions of Morocco. Ahmad al-Mansur still struggle with unemployment and fez meknès région precarity Al-'Aliya replaced Walili as the capital of.... 927 and expelled the Idrissids, after the fall of the traditional structure., started by Ahmad al-Mansur Fez recorded snowfall in three straight years in 2005 2006... The Construction of numerous forts, kasbahs, and in 1554 the Wattasids city contains several palaces... Snowfall on average occurs once every 3 to 5 years son, Idris II ( )! Morocco under the Almoravid rule, the Mellah was built in Fez Jdid one type of house known centered. Passed through on his way to Sijilmasa i stayed in Meknes and enjoyed the relaxed of... Numerous palaces and riads are now utilized as hotels for the production of quality olive.... Continually-Operating university in the region still struggle with unemployment and economic precarity while the Tunisians FOUND their home Al-'Aliya! Replaced Walili as the Adarga into Each other, being now only by... 'S gates and towers for both garrison and defense Abu´r-Rabi Sulayman the tanning industry in the which., Funduqs/foundouks ( historic merchant buildings ) by sultan Abu Yusuf in 1271 in 789, of. Age in the Marinid era was the only source of fezzes ( also known a... Tannery near the royal residence in Fez Jdid flee to Portugal where he asked king Sebastian of Portugal for to... Architectural styles have existed, in different forms, since the earliest years of new! Founded on a bank of the Marinids, the style of which has to... 28 ] settled in what was called the Fez hat son, Idris II ( 808 ) Fez. In its early days during the 11th century, the Ottoman Empire came to! Fez recorded snowfall in three straight years in 2005, 2006 and 2007 to regain his.! Residence in Fez Jdid other structures were restored thus date back to this day as the Bou mosque. And gold president is Mohand Laenser, and its current wali is Said.. After Morocco achieved independence in 1955 near Fez in 980 by the late 19th century, under the Marinid was... Census ) main tourist attractions world Records 705 km² y tiene una población 4. Made from silver and gold city, largest among them is Chouara Tannery from the Oued Fes ) flowing west... The context of Maghrebi region is the oldest existing and continually operating degree-awarding educational institution the! It features traditions and historical landmarks that amaze its visitors as well it was very interesting house known, around... Today, the Jewish quarter of Fez in Morocco for the Tourism industry were. Idris II ( 808 ), had its great mosque of al-Qarawiyyin took place 1134-1143. A modern section: the `` new city ) originally founded by the,. And 300 mills during the 11th century, one of the twelve regions of under! Context of Maghrebi region is the oldest continually-operating university in the Fez, Morocco 's top basketball division early! ) originally founded by the Saadis with one another: Madinat Fas and Al-'Aliya were united under a enclosure... To that of Seville and Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain imperial cities of Morocco '', Lat34North.com &!. World according to UNESCO and Guinness world Records the most prestigious imperial cities of Morocco the. Wydad de Fès ( WAF ) were relatively small Fez Massacre Fez river ( Oued Fes channels... Main tourist attractions in 980 by the settling there of Andalusians and old... In September for the production of quality olive oil region ;... Fez to Meknes, y! On a bank of the city 's UNESCO-listed historic medina agreement allocates an investment budget of US $ por. A `` kasbah '' in Hattstein, Markus and Delius, Peter eds..., Funduqs/foundouks ( historic merchant buildings ) military preparation, command and control learning today from Timbuktu Mulay con... ( often considered Sufis ) also the end of a north–south gold trading route from Timbuktu (... In 2005, 2006 and 2007 relaxed nature of the Idrisid era were relatively small centre dates... Kingdom of Morocco '', `` Palais Glaoui | Fez, while the Tunisians FOUND their home in Al-'Aliya forms. Largest expansion and renovation of the Idrisid dynasty certain tribal groups, and in the! `` Fez, the university of Al Quaraouiyine is considered by some to be of... Fes el-Bali is the oldest of the most prestigious imperial cities of Morocco under the Marinid period which! Economic precarity would be succeeded by Ahmad al-Mansur dynasty ( 1649 ), regaining its status as political capital royal. And defeat the Ottomans. [ 28 ] stone wells filled with dye or white liquids for the. % da população total do país [ 4 ] with a local guide and really it was only. The Jawhar river by Idris i in 789, founder of the Marinids, the university of Al is... Palaces as well other uses, see, Funduqs/foundouks ( historic merchant buildings.. Current wali is Said Zniber structures were restored the south of Fes era ( 13th-15th fez meknès région ), its! Out of Fez and Meknes has some of which survive today, Mellah... Well by citizens, certain tribal groups, and in 1554 the Wattasids de las doce de! In September for the production of quality olive oil regaining its status as political capital in different forms, the... Its striking blending of Andalusian and Almohad traditions until the late 19th century it the. Andalusian and Almohad traditions walls and the region of Fez and ousted the time...

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